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Torsion Spring Replacement Experts in Key Biscayne, Florida

Welcome to Key Biscayne Garage Service, where we invite you to discover that we are your local torsion spring experts!

If your garage door acts up, then unfortunately it may be just about time for garage door spring replacement. In that case, torsion spring replacement may be the right choice for you. You’re invited to hire Key Biscayne Garage Service - We’re your go-to garage door company in Key Biscayne, Florida!

Torsion springs are more popular because they are superior to standard springs. Because they’re manufactured from denser material, they store more energy and last longer.

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Please, you ought not to try to replace your own garage door spring, unless you’re already an engineer! A garage door spring packs a lot of pressure on it, so it can go right through the wall, possibly injuring you and damaging your property! The proper replacement of a garage door spring is a dangerous undertaking, requiring our specialized skills and equipment. So your best bet is to leave it to the professionals at Key Biscayne Garage Service!

We carry the best selection of reputable products in Key Biscayne, Florida. Our torsion springs are made with oil-tempered wire for maximum corrosion prevention.

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